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In Few Words > Concept
Exonomie is a platform created in the year 2015, beyond just addressing about economics, cooperates for the global trade bringing solutions based on high values.

Name > Exonomie 
The origin of the name comes from the words: “Exo” Greek: outside, and “Economie” French: Economy. This union gives form to our concept “Out of Economy”, in the sense of “Beyond Economy”. Is not only important to do business, but the way we do it, our principles, our causes and the effects on the environment, the people and the future.

Instruments > The Platform
A. Doing Business > Global Sourcing   
As participants in the Global Global Economy, our way to collaborate is to bring services that allow companies to find suppliers from around the world.
Our portfolio is involved essentially in the fields of Agroderivatives (Commodities), for its level of involvement different markets, such as food, pharmaceutical, textile, and energies. The platform unites:
1. Exports Promotion with Integrated Services 
2. Global Sourcing for Wholesale Distributors and Retail Companies
3. Networking with Asia, Oceania, Europe, Americas and UAE

B. Economic Literacy & Trends  
1. Classic Economic Theories: Capitalism, Liberalism, Game Theory and Financial Theories
2. Global Affairs: Climate Change, Energy, Poverty, Financial Inclusion, Sustainable Agriculture, Fair Trade, Culture & Heritage Management, Circular Economies
3. Market Studies: Investments, Import & Export and Entrepreneurship

Mechanics > 
We are in the constant search of the improvement of our services, we carry out permanent projects of investigation and development of solutions that facilitate the international trade, without altering the traditional processes to which the global suppliers are accustomed.
We know that is important to maintain certain processes of the operations system, but we focus on streamlining communication processes, promotions, and negotiations.
We hope that our efforts in design and execution of the platform will be of help for professionals in the field of international trade, investors, and entrepreneurs, as well as bachelor and master students in economic careers.

Founder >

Exonomie is a website published under the responsibility of Nancy Torales L., Web Developer & International Marketing assessor. The digital portfolio is for commercial purposes, and for the exclusive use of clients and associated suppliers.

Let’s work together >

If you are interested in more information about us and our services, feel free to write us at > exonomie.trade@gmail.com