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Exports promotion is our specialty and we want to share with you 5 key points that will help your company with promotional activities, as you can see visibility in the digital times is more than crucial, remember that the competence is diverse and companies need structured information to make decisions

  1. Help them find your company: Improve the digital visibility of your company and catalog of products and services by publishing in your website and social media, e-commerce is the best tool for optimal reception of solicitudes
  2. Tell the differential points of your products: Publish all the information related to the characteristics of your products and why is different, don’t forget to add value rendering additional services
  3. Be a good trader: Publish all the information related to buy-sell operations with your company
  4. Expand your target: Facilitate information about your company to Business Associations, Foreign Chambers of commerce and Embassies
  5. Standardize communications processes: international communications, response, solicitudes management, and negotiation terms.